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Fraser Coast Kayaks formerly the famous Howe Surf Skis, manufacture the Glider range of recreational skis and Sea Kayaks, with dedicated care to your requirements. Surf skis, wave skis, Sea Kayaks - sit in & sit-on-top with paddles built to a high quality and stunning standard of finish.

Fraser Coast kayaks products include: Intasea Kayak, Outasea Kayak, Vinari Kayak, Sea Glider, Wave Glider, Extasea Kayak and the wonderful, economical Dreamtime canoe.

The famous Sea Glider is a very popular recreational surf ski that performs very well for all type of paddlers.

The Intasea and Outasea sea kayaks are a very well made kayak that has proven to be very sea worthy. They both have the same hull with modification differences in the deck. The Outasea Successfully crossed the Bass Strait and went very well.
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Outasea Kayaks

A fast moderate volume modern "sit on top" style of Kayak. Excellent storage capacity, very stable, tracks wells without the rudder. The kayak only requires a slight lean to correct course or to initiate a turn.

Intasea Kayaks

Approx 5.4 Metres. Lightweight and stable. Extra reinforcement plates can be installed for the addition of back rests or fishing rode holders.

Vinari Kayaks

At 4 metres long and weighing just 19 kilos, the Vinari is an extremely user friendly craft. Easy to handle and streamlined through the water for the recreational paddler wanting to cover distance with ease.
The large rear hatch allows plenty of storage space in the bulk-headed compartment in the back. Up front there is a built in bulkhead that provides buoyancy in the bow. The large cockpit allows plenty of leg room and makes getting in and out a breeze.

Fraser Coast Kayaks

Sea Gliders

The famous Howe Surf Skis Sea Glider. A shortened and widened version of the Surf Life Saver style of surf ski. Nimble, stable and versatile, the Sea Glider is as happy on flat water as it is in the surf.

Wave Gliders

Surf Life Saver Style. Economical fibreglass Wave Ski designed for the surf. Your choice of colours in three sizes
2.3m $580
2.4m $625
2.6m $670.

Dreamtime Canoes

Economical and lightweight. Ideal for fishing or recreational canoeing. Hybrid Designed